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About us

Founded in 2014, the company that produces shows and projects related to dance and the arts, was born from the dream and the desire to promote and promote ballet in a different way in Mexico by the brothers and international dancers Isaac Hernández (Principal Ballet Dancer National of England) and Esteban Hernández (Principal Dancer of the San Francisco Ballet), along with his sister Emilia Hernández and Matthis Loutreuil.



Soul Arts Productions seeks to demonstrate through its projects that ballet and the arts can help shape and build a better future for our country. Understanding that to achieve this, collaboration between the different public and private actors, the exchange of knowledge and an approach free of prejudices and limitations is necessary, where the use of creativity is
the main tool to generate projects with a positive social impact.

The work of this production company aspires to change the lives of both dancers and artists, as well as that of their collaborators and the general public, always keeping social commitment in mind.

The team

Isaac Hernández



Founder and artistic director

¨ A society that exalts dance is necessarily a society
freer, more sensitive, more beautiful "

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Emilia Hernández

Emilia Hernandez

Founder and executive producer

¨Creativity and imagination are two essential tools for


Esteban Hernandez

Founder and artistic consultant

"It is our duty to reflect current times in our art"

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Héctor Hernández

Hector Hernandez

Artistic consultant

¨ Art is essential for the development of solidarity, coexistence and peace. "


Matthis Loutreuil


"What is art? Life itself"

Santiago Barreiro



"Commitment as a fundamental tool of contemporary photography"

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Santiago Romero

Press director

"Art is one of the noblest purposes"

Joel hernandez

Chief Technology Officer


"In a world progressively dominated by technology, art is a refuge for humanity"

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Laura Fernandez

Artistic Consultant

"Live to create"

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Karenina carlos

Media Coordination

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Arcadio Lozano

Production Manager

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