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Urban Art And Muralism

Fin DAC, self-taught urban artist designs a live urban mural and guides us through their creative process, materials and historical context of muralism in the 21st century.


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Open to the general public. Of all ages.


Limited availability


Fin DAC is a self-taught and nonconformist urban artist, he has defined and perfected the Urban style
Aesthetics, atypical painting style. Renowned artist of spaces on the global stage, who has
left his heritage on walls, roofs and streets with his unique work, which can be found in
four continents.
He is interested in the mystical, his main influences have been dark graphic novels, artists like
Salvador Dalí, Francis Bacon and plastic artists such as Aubrey Beardsley.
We can distinguish her work by her interpretations of Asian, ethnic, or otherworldly women with
its unique mask that forms with pop colors around the eyes.
Participated in a festival in & quot; Vitry sur Seine & quot; where he left a wonderful portrait of Samuel Beckett.
He was also in Brest and participated in the Crimes of Minds project, where he made a beautiful geisha with
impressive details. As well as at Art Basel in Miami, leaving one of his murals in the
well-known Wynwood walls.
Fin DAC appears regularly in publications recognizing it as “the best of urban art”.

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