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Ballet: Relief to movement

Health & Wellness

Tuesday, August 21 / 4:00 p.m. / CENART Circus Space

Requirements: To be defined

Registration type: As participant and spectator

Limited availability

Program of highly specialized dance classes taught by qualified experts in the treatment and prevention of Parkinson's and other neuromuscular diseases that affect movement. Based on the classical and contemporary repertoire of the ENB, taught in a professional dance space and with live music for people with some neuromuscular difficulty, their families, colleagues, friends, doctors and the Public Health sector. The program has been shown to be helpful in developing strength, mobility, and confidence in people with Parkinson's. It gives temporary relief to some ailments of daily life and promotes sensitivity, creativity, physical freedom and social interaction of those affected. The program and method is supported by institutions such as the West London Clinical Commissioning Group, University of Roehampton, Parikinson's UK, and research by specialists such as Dr. Sara Houston and Dr. Ashley McGill MSc.

Ballet is proving to be a surprising outlet for people suffering from degenerative Parkinson's disease. In Mexico there are more than 600 thousand people who suffer from this disease.

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