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Stop motion animation film and script development

Karla Castañeda (Mexico) guides us through stop motion cinema, its development, transcendental purpose and the integration of her personal experiences to develop an analytical vision of animation.

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Thursday July 18 | 13:00 - 17:00
Santander Ensemble of Performing Arts event room



From 12 years old.


Limited availability


Interactive workshop aimed at students of film, plastic arts and the general public interested in animation. The objective of the workshop is to motivate young people to venture into and develop their skills in this area of ​​cinema, as well as to develop a transcendent vision through animation, with an objective training in different areas such as literature, cinema, history and psychology. Focused on the importance of perseverance, originality, creativity and the development of the stories we want to tell, the narrative and the message that is intended to be transmitted.


Aspects such as technical processes within animated cinema will be addressed, but above all issues related to the integration of personal experiences as part of animated discourse (24 frames per second). They will talk about what it is, how to approach the speech to create a script based on the characters (drawings, sculptures, cutouts, etc.), as well as the stories that the audience intends to tell. Some short films will be seen and the creation process will be analyzed through exercises with the attendees, on how to tell a story, how to make characters and how to use animation tools (software). This workshop will be taught by:


Karla Castañeda, talented multidisciplinary artist originally from Guadalajara, specialized in the field of Stop Motion animation. He has participated in multiple animation productions with renowned film directors such as Guillermo del Toro. He is currently in the co-writing stage with Del Toro to develop his first animated feature film, also produced by the filmmaker from Guadalajara.


In 2007 he directed the short film Jacinta , his debut feature. In 2011, Félix the collector of fears , a stop motion short film for the Spanish publishing house OQO ediciones. In 2012 he directed his second short film La Noria.


In 2016, he carried out the production design together with the renowned stop motion artist Francesca Berlingieri for the animated feature film Inzomnia, by director Luis Téllez.


He has been a jury at the International Festival of New Latin American Cinema in Havana, Cuba. Guadalajara International Film Festival, Chihuahua International Festival, Guanajuato International Film Festival, Chilemonos Festival (Chile), jury for the State Council for Culture and the Arts, Jury for the Call for the Program of Encouragement for Cinematographic Creators, In the category of Scriptwriting and Plots, jury of the Ecofilm festival edition, jury of the CutOut Fest festival.

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