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Choreographic Creativity

Cirio Collective (USA), made up of 10 artists from different parts of the world, gives an interactive workshop on the creative process behind contemporary choreography.

Contemporary dance

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Wednesday July 17 | 9:00 - 18:00 hours
Room 3 of the Santander Ensemble of Performing Arts



From the age of 14. Minimum experience in contemporary dance.


Limited availability


Cirio Collective is a group of professional dancers whose vision is to bring together choreographers and dancers from different companies and independents, to collaborate in the creation of new pieces and choreographic works that explore in depth the broad expressive qualities of contemporary dance. His goal is to inspire other artists in his profession to experience expressive language.


Since 2014 they have been touring and performing in different cities of the United States, participating in important galas and dance festivals nationwide.


The objective of this workshop is to convene both dancers in their formative stage and professionals and choreographers from the contemporary field to witness and experience the creative process first-hand with the ten artists of Cirio Collective, who can receive advice and express doubts and concerns in relation to professional contemporary dance.


During the workshop the participants will create a piece under the tutelage of Cirio Collective that will be presented at an event open to the public at the Santander Ensemble of Performing Arts.

Workshop results presented Friday, July 19 | 19:00 hours
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