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Creativity in the age of artificial intelligence

Software engineer and technologist Joel Hernández (Mexico), named one of the 500 most talented and creative individuals on the Dutch digital scene, talks to us about the use of artificial intelligence in the arts and how he redefines what creativity is.

Art + Technology
Wednesday August 22 / 6:00 p.m. / Aula Magna José Vasconcelos CENART
Over 15 years old / General public with interest in the subject / Awakening show ticket required to participate.
*Limited availability

Joel Levi Hernández Fernández (born January 27, 1996) in Guadalajara, Mexico, is a software engineer and technologist, creator of Openbook, an upcoming social network based in the Netherlands.

Joel Levi Hernández Fernández was born in Guadalajara, Mexico, as one of 11 children of Héctor Hernández, a former ballet dancer, and Laura Fernández, an industrial engineer and former ballet dancer.

Educated at home by his parents, he discovers his passion for technology at a young age.

Encouraged by his parents to be self-taught, he begins reading books on software engineering and computer architecture at the age of 10 (2006) and, at the age of 11 (2007), inaugurates his first private server for the popular online game Mu Online. .

Later this would become a network of game servers with a maximum of 2,000 players online.

In the following years, he went from building online game servers to establishing multiple companies ranging from software development to eco-friendly clothing brands.

At the age of 18 (2014), he emigrated to the Netherlands to study Computer Science at the VU University of Amsterdam. At the same time, he starts working for the Dutch company Qelp as a software engineer.

At the age of 19 (2015), he became a software architect at Qelp.

At the age of 20 (2016), he joins KPN, the largest telecommunications company in the Netherlands, as a software engineer, where he excels in his role, is promoted to lead the digital commerce software engineering team and is awards him the award for outstanding performance.

At the age of 21 (2017), he joined the KPN Office of Digital Information Security as a cyber-security software engineer and researcher, where once again standing out in his position, he obtained the award of excellent performance.

In the same year (2017), The Next Web names him one of the 500 most ambitious and talented people on the Dutch digital scene.

She currently continues to work for KPN part time.

At the age of 22 (2018), "frustrated" with the evolution of social media when it comes to privacy and security, he decides to take on the challenge of rethinking and evolving social media in a positive direction.

The Openbook project begins, an open source social network with a revenue model based on user transactions without ads. The social network also does not track or spy on its users, has strict data protection policies and is easy to migrate from existing networks such as Twitter or Facebook.

In 2018, he is once again named one of the 500 most ambitious and talented people on the Dutch digital scene by The Next Web. [ ]

In his spare time, Joel presents at conferences and meet-ups on topics such as the evolution of web technologies, the principles of software engineering, and the implications of artificial intelligence. He also practices photography and contributes to open source software where he works under the alias @lifenautjoe.

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