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Historical Argentine dancer, one of the greatest exponents in history for Latin American ballet.

Ballet Master de las Audiciones / English National Ballet
Tuesday August 21 / 10:00 am / National Center for the Arts CENART
JULIO BOCCA (Argentina)

Julio Bocca is a historical Argentine dancer , considered one of the greatest exponents in history for Latin American ballet.

While he was active he danced with companies such as the Royal Ballet of London , the Bolshoi of Moscow , the Kirov of Leningrad, Alla Scala of Milan , the Zarzuela of Madrid , the Royal Danish Ballet of Denmark , the Ballet of the Opera of Oslo, the Stuttgart Ballet of Germany , the Ballet of the Opera of Paris , the Municipal Theater of Santiago de Chile , the National of Mexico and the Colón Theater of Buenos Aires .

He retired as a professional dancer in a free public show in Buenos Aires on December 23, 2007.


Currently is a prestigious director , choreographer and ballet master Argentine , recognized worldwide, working with large companies such as American Ballet Theater and the National Ballet Inglés.

He currently resides in Uruguay where he served as artistic director of the Sodre National Ballet , appointed at the time by then-president José Mujica , bringing great achievements and advances to the company.

Among its distinctions are:

  • Gold Medal at the 5th Moscow International Dance Competition (1985).

  • María Ruanova "Primus inter Pares" (1986).

  • New York Times "Dancer of the Year" (1987).

  • Knight of the Order of San Martín de Tours (1987).

  • Acquidanza in Acqui-Terme, Italy

  • Gino Tanni Prize for the Arts, in Rome

  • Konex Award - Diploma of Merit (1989).

  • Best international star dancer of classical dance (Ibero-American Dance Association) in Barcelona (1990).

  • "Personality of the Year" (1990), awarded in France along with other personalities such as Mother Teresa of Calcutta

  • Léonide Massine in Positano, Italy (1991).

  • Martín Fierro from Argentine Television for the best performance in a musical show (1991).

  • Benois de la Danse '91 (International Choreografers Association) at the Bolshoi Theater (1992).

  • "King David Award" from the Argentine House in Jerusalem (1996).

  • "Dance Magazine Award" (1998).

  • «Konex Platinum Award» (1999), among others.

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