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Emmanuel Thibault (France), outstanding dancer of French origin and legendary Principal Dancer of the prestigious Paris Opera company, teaches a ballet class to dancers with 6 years of professional experience.


Photo © Agathe Poupeney / Opéra national de Paris.

Wednesday July 17 - Thursday July 18 | 10:00 - 12:30
Room 1 of the Santander Ensemble of Performing Arts


- Exclusively men, over 15 years old

- Advanced or professional level

- 5 years of previous experience in ballet or contemporary dance

- Have a variation prepared (more information in the call for registration)


Limited availability


Emmanuel Thibault is an outstanding dancer of French origin born in Paris in 1974, who until 2016, the year of his retirement, was a legendary Principal Dancer of the prestigious Paris Opera company. It can be said that Emmanuel is one of the most important and relevant dancers for the Paris Opera and for the dance scene in France of the last 25 years.


He began his training under the guidance of one of the most prestigious masters in France, Bozzoni, and then continued his training at the Paris Opera School, where he joined the company in record time as he attracted attention when he won the medal of silver at the international competition in Paris and silver medal at the prestigious international competition in Varna. At sixteen he was invited to dance at the Kirov in Saint Petersburg, Russia. He was characterized by his high jumps and soft landings with no apparent effort in sight, his impeccable technique, his grace when playing and a great talent for letting himself be carried away by music and emotions on stage.


This master class is focused on enriching the knowledge and technical improvement of the dancers. An unmissable opportunity to improve technical aspects, to be inspired to improve, to have an accurate parameter to observe their current reality in which they are according to their level, to improve their performance as professional dancers or in training, by the hand of one of the great exponents of the Paris Opera.

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