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"Boosting the creative industries in Mexico © "

Friday, August 24 / 10:00 am / Theater of the Palace of Fine Arts
From 12 years old / Punctuality is required
*Limited availability

High-level conference in a discussion panel format that will be bringing together for the first time in our country the "masterminds" behind the Creative Industries of the United Kingdom, one of the most important and lucrative in the world, which contributes in a substantial to the UK economy.


The conference will deal with the role that creative industries can and should play in promoting the socio-economic development of countries. Six great personalities with prominent international careers participate, who after having lived and triumphed in pioneering countries in promoting the arts as an industry, can say out loud what their learning has been, how they perceive today, what the challenges are. to face in order to keep alive the essence of the arts and ballet, and at the same time adapt to today's demanding reality.


These brilliant minds will share with the public what their perspectives, visions and hopes are in relation to the future of the arts and creative industries in their socio-economic and cultural role in a highly globalized world, with the advantages and disadvantages that this can mean, as well as the importance of the same for the economic development of the countries.


An unprecedented event in our country, which aims to leave great examples and learnings about the enormous opportunities and possibilities that exist in promoting the arts as entertainment industries.


John kampfner

Executive Director of the Creative Industries Federation of the United Kingdom / Chief Executive of the Creative Industries Federation

Edward vaizey

Important British Politician - Former UK Minister of Culture

Isaac hernandez

Principal Dancer of the National Ballet of England and maximum representative of the ballet for Mexico

Julian Ventura Valero

Ambassador of Mexico to the United Kingdom

Tamara Red

Principal Dancer and Artistic Director of the English National Ballet

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