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Managing Director FCO Group and Eliot Media

Driving digital leaders
Diego Plaza (Mexico)

General Director of FCO Group Mexico and Eliot Media, a platform that develops personalized knowledge spaces for content creators, brands and industry professionals, in order to understand and know more clearly the business environment of digital marketing in Mexico and Latin America.


She is focused on the design and execution of strategies in alliance with content creators from Mexico and Latin America. We align the message of each campaign with the needs of our business partners.


The Eliot Awards are delivered annually, which recognize the most influential digital leaders who, through their talent, effort, originality and impact, are generating highly relevant content on social networks. The Eliot Awards have positioned themselves as a reference within the content and digital media industry in which more than 350 leaders from all social networks, special guests, allies and the media come together. Being by itself a high-impact media phenomenon in recent years.

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