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Thursday July 18 | 10:00 - 14:00
Room 2 of the Cineteca FICG UDG



- Interest in knowing more about social networks and creating successful content.

- From the age of 14.


Limited availability


Conference given by Diego Plaza on Influence Marketing, an area that is booming in Mexico; the importance of content innovation in digital matters, strategies to develop attractive content on social networks, the importance of collaboration between the sectors of the different industries with the digital economy, digital marketing and influence to consolidate actions that facilitate companies and entrepreneurs to migrate to the digital ecosystem, jointly generate a robust digital ecosystem, supported by the supply and demand of digital goods and services.

The speaker will share his vast experience and practical advice in relation to the positioning of brands and projects through Influence Marketing and digital platforms, including social networks.


Diego Plaza

General Director of FCO Group México and Eliot Media, a platform that develops personalized knowledge spaces for content creators, brands and industry professionals.

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