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Promoting the Creative Industries in Mexico ®

Within the framework of the English National Ballet tour in Mexico , a program taught by renowned international talents in multiple disciplines related to Creative Industries.

A project that seeks to push artistic innovation through quality training opportunities for young people seeking to develop their creative talent.

Royal Ballet Auditions

The Royal Ballet School through the Secretary of Culture of the State of Nuevo León offers for the first time the opportunity to audition in Mexico to enter its three-year academic program and the 2023 summer course for young dancers who meet the high standards of quality that distinguish the prestigious school.

Master Classes with Isaac Hernández

The internationally renowned Mexican dancer Isaac Hernández teaches a ballet class to students with more than 5 years of experience.

Crédito Alex López (16).jpeg

Life with purpose

Focused on inspiring Mexican youth and their families, Isaac Hernández, through his testimony, seeks to motivate them to follow their dreams, teach them the importance of preparation, discipline and will, and to consciously prepare to face the challenges that the pursuit of a dream or a goal they bring with them.

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